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When land is at a premium, property prices are soaring, and parking bays are scarce, it’s time to think out the box, and get innovative about your parking planning.

With AutoDock's unique automated parking solutions, you can park up to double the number of sedans or SUVs in any given space .

And you don’t have to waste valuable space, time or money in building ramps, turning spaces, intrusive columns, and full-story heights.

After successfully installing over 400 automated parking systems in over 10 countries across the globe, you can rest assured that Auto Dock has all the experience, knowledge and support required to deliver a seamless, robust and cost-effective solution for any project.



Once the car is parked at the garage entrance, the driver gets out, locks the car, and a fully automated system does the rest. The car gets lifted up on a secured pallet and swiftly shifted to its optimum position.



AutoDock's market-leading range of versatile options and decades of global experience ensure you the perfect solution for every application - all backed up by water-tight Service Level Agreements.

And to guarantee that everything runs smoothly, a dedicated AutoDock parking valet will be on hand 24/7 for the first year of installation - to show users how the system works, and make them feel totally comfortable with it.

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Depending on system specified, it’s easy to double the number of cars or SUV's that can be parked in any given volume of space.

You not only land up with more real estate and parking bays to sell or lease, but your cost per bay is significantly reduced. 



Far less door to door and bumper to bumper allowances are needed. Approximately 4 cars can be parked in the same width as 3 self park spaces. And cars can be parked in tandem, or even three deep.



Save on space-consuming ramps, aisles, passenger lifts and stairs that you would need in conventional parking garages.



By reducing the space and parking levels required, you dramatically cut down on structural costs and construction time, as well as associated costs like ducting, lighting and finishes.



With personal safety such an important aspect of life in South Africa, a huge benefit of the AutoDock system is that the driver never has to enter a parking garage - day or night.

Since cars are inaccessible to criminals, you don't need expensive security patrols and surveillance systems.

And as customers don’t drive around in the garage, there is zero risk of vehicle dents, scratches, collisions or property damage.



With no running engines there is no need to ventilate for vehicle emissions. And since there’s no public access, there are huge savings in ventilation, air-conditioning and heating installations, and their running expenses.



The customer experience is similar to a high-quality valet parking operation, but without the hassle and risk of having human valet parkers.



Depending on design and layout, vehicles can generally be retrieved far quicker than it would take a driver to arrive at his car and exit the garage.

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Driving AutoDock, South Africa, is a team of local and international real estate professionals who are committed to changing the face of parking in SA.

After installing a large number of Automated Parking Systems in their own developments abroad – and seeing first-hand the amazing benefits and quality of the technology – they decided to introduce this ground breaking technology to the South African market.

They approached the global leader in the industry and entered into a sole mandate agreement for South Africa.

AutoDock’s Managing Director, Roi Lagrisi explains:

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Ellis Kowen, Autodock's Chief Technical Officer has considerable international project management experience, having previously been CEO and Part Owner of Decon Worldwide Inc. in Florida, USA. Decon specialized in steel frame construction projects, successfully completing multiple hotel, resort, residential and commercial projects in the Caribbean and South America.

He's excited by the response from local developers and city planning officials. “It’s simply the easiest and most efficient way for developers to maximise their parking requirements. And with the high cost of excavation and construction – coupled with the soaring demand for premium real estate in sought-after areas – it makes perfect sense to find innovative ways to maximise returns and parking bay allocations at the same time.” 

"For a recent project in Green Point, Cape Town, we were able to cut the number of parking levels down from three to two, and still land up with more bays in the process.”

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